Farmerville First Assembly
920 S. Main St. | Farmerville, LA 71241
Weekend Services | SUN 10:45am
Midweek Services | WED 7:00pm
1. Our Message

We preach Bible based, God inspired, and infallible teachings. We preach the Word of God to plant a seed in the world, awaiting the harvest. We offer the bread for the spiritually hungry, and the light that proclaims God's grace and deliverance to a world that is lost and bound in the darkness of sin.

2. Spirit Empowerment

We believe that the Spirit convicts of sin, brings assurance of forgivenss, imparts peace that passes all understanding, and guides us into all truth. We are totally dependent on the Holy Spirit to empower our messages so it can bear the fruit God has promised. 

3. Christ-Centeredness

We believe Jesus is the Savior of the world. He offered His life to redeem sinful mankind.

4. Worship

We renew our vision for worship by embracing a lifestyle of devotion to God. We dream of our church having the facilities to house multitudes who gather each week to praise, honor, and celebrate Jesus Christ. We also dream of worship services that are culturally relevant to the unchurched but that do not compromise our commitment to the Bible. 

5. Prayer

We renew our vision for prayer by expressing our hearts to God. We sum up the prayer part of our vision statement as "pursuing God's heart." We believe God wants our church to be a church where our passion for Him and His purpose inspire us to believe Him for the impossible. We believe God wants our church to be filled each week with a constantly expanding multitude of growing Christians who are learning how to walk in daily intimacy with God. Finally, we dream of our church being a house of prayer, a place where prayer provides the foundation for ever ministry we are involved in. 

6. Outreach

We renew our vision for outreach by testifying about Jesus. We dream of our church being attended by many unchurched people each week who are in the process of discovering a dynamic relationship with Jesus. Our passion is to be a church that strives to remove ever barrier that keeps unchurched people from understanding and responding to the Good News of Christ. Our dream is to be a church that works as a membership: Each member reaching with Christ's love to unchurched friends and neighbors and our church providing worship services to bring these people to that dynamic relationship with Jesus. 

7. Service

We renew our vision for service by using the gifts that God has given us. We dream of a church where our members truly are themselves, God's ministers. Ministers that sacrificially invest their gifts, talents, and resources to make God's vision become a reality. 

8. Nurture

We renew our vision to nurture by responding to God's invitation to a holy life. We dream of our church providing a constantly expanding network of care groups, where Christians are growing into wholeness and non-Christians are discovering Christ.